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Havana, 2020

20 X 30 cm (7,87 X 11,81")
edition 25 + 2 AP

Archival Inkjet print (made by KZG pro lab in Brussels)

Profits will go towards my friends and families in Cuba. They need it!
Cuba is not breaking the news today but the country is going through a severe economic crisis, aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic that forced authorities to close the borders and lose one of its few sources of income: tourism.
The Cuban government, which spends at least $2 billion annually on importing food, has said that it does not have sufficient capital to support its purchases abroad and several economists have predicted that the shortage in supplies will increase severely.
Today, the reality is that basic products are rationed. There is no rice or oil at the official stores. Buying soap or detergent is only accomplished after standing in long lines that seem to never end, or you have to buy it on the black market at an exorbitant price.
A friend of mine have been eating only mangos for a week, and now wakes up at 4 AM queuing for food during eight-hour...
"Lines in Cuba are commotions of desperate people with bloodshot and worried eyes, on the edge of their nerve to see if they will make it to the counter before everything runs out, or everything does run out and nothing is left, and those five hours have just been a waste of time under the Caribbean’s scorching sun."
Remittances to Cuba, the second-largest source of revenue for the country and a lifeline for many families, is now in danger after the U.S. State Department included the Cuban company Fincimex on its list of restricted entities.
Sending money to my friends will help reduce their level of anxiety caused by the uncertainty of the situation.

Thank you so much!


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