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Photographs and collages: Vincent Delbrouck
Editing and Design: V.D. and Philippe Koeune

free softcover with flaps
red linen binding tape
21 x 29,7 cm (8,27 x 11,69“)
248 pages / 116 illustrations randomly sequenced
full color
offset printing on glossy 135g paper
+ 1 free B/W photocopy on pink paper
Edition of 480 unique copies + 30 collector's copies (special edition).

With support of Mulhouse Art Contemporain.

"This random book started with an artist residency in Mulhouse (October 2015) followed by a solo show as part of Mulhouse Biennial of Photography 2016 (France).

It is now the intuitive and flooded river of a working process, with images from a variety of sources (and periods) : c-prints, collages, installations views from exhibitions(BPM, FOAM,...), photocopies, pages from Revisited Cuban book,...

This book is printed on glossy magazine paper (swiss binding), resulting in a publication that is not just documenting the constellations of a working process but becomes part of it, as an experimental "anti-catalogue" reflecting the energy of antipoetry.

Each copy is unique, made of randomly stacked sheets printed only on the recto and numbered with Tarot, all coming with a different and extra overs sheet (overprint) hidden somewhere in the book.

An interview by Zippora Elders at FOAM + a text written by Anne Immelé (curator and director of the Mulhouse Biennial) are also included in the book."

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